Find Out My Eyelashes’ Secret

I got my lashes lifted and tinted by @allas_lashlift in LA. This was actually my third time getting the YUMI Keratin lash lift treatment and I laaahv it. The lash lift enhances my natural lashes by making them appear longer and fuller. It is low maintenance with no harsh chemicals. There is no need to use an eyelash curler, and I often skip mascara. It’s also a great alternative for lash extensions.


It takes about an hour and a half to process, with a series of three steps to lift, lengthen, and darken your natural lashes. Results may vary between 8-12 weeks depending on your lash type; mine usually lasts about three months.


Alla also tinted my eyebrows.

Different sizes of rods are used to flare out the lashes depending on the existing length of your lash. Alla used the medium rod on me because too curled of rod would make my eyelashes touch my eyebrows (since they’re already pretty long). The medium rod gave me a natural flare. I experienced no irritation during the process except a very minor tingling feeling during the tint, which was completely normal. You must avoid wearing any mascara and direct contact with water for the first 24-48 hours; you can continue your regular routine after that. For longer lasting results, Alla recommends using YUMI’s keratin based nourishing mascara to give your lashes a hydrated boost.


This was after washing my lashes 48 hours later- using no eyelash curler, just a few coats of mascara. (Also, no eyebrow products!)

This treatment is perfect for summer, and for those who don’t like the upkeep of lash extensions. It cuts down on getting-ready time and gives you a more “awake” look. I love my results!


Laura Saucedo

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